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Laptop Security Password Numeric Cable Lock Numeric Cable


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LAPTOP NETBOOK SECURITY PASSWORD NUMERIC CABLE LOCK Secure notebooks, desktops, docking stations to stationary objects T-bar mechanism allows popular utilization to all products with built in standard security slot Galvanized steel cable the password is adjustable. Perfect handy tool to provide peace of mind. Simply loop your laptop around a stationary object with the cut-resistant galvanized steel chain Length: 130 cm Color: Silver Note: Make sure the notebook supports security chain lock . Usage: Wrap the cable around any convenient, immovable object. Input the password and turn it to open position. Press the button and insert the lock into the lock hole of the computer and turn the password to confusion. Resetting Password: The original password is 0-0-0-0 Press the number-adjusting rod of lock inward and hold on Set your secret combination by turning the dials Decontrol the number-adusting rod and let it to return to the original position Open the lock again now your new personal code has been set.

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