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laptop Battery -BP02XL,HP Pavilion 15-AU Series

  • Replace Part Number: BP02XL BP02041XL HSTNN-LB7H HSTNN-UB7B
  • Fit For: HP Pavilion Notebook PC 15 15-AU010WM 15-AU018WM Series

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HP Pavilion 15-AU000 Series: 
15-AU004NG 15-AU010NG 15-AU010WM 15-AU011NG 15-AU013NG 15-AU014NG 15-AU018WM
15-AU020WM 15-AU022TX 15-AU023CL 15-AU025NG 15-AU028CA 15-AU030NR 15-AU030WM
15-AU034TX 15-AU035TX 15-AU037TX 15-AU038TX 15-AU040TX 15-AU041TX 15-AU046NG
15-AU050TX 15-AU057CL 15-AU063CL 15-AU063NR 15-AU072SA 15-AU076SA 15-AU077SA
15-AU078SA 15-AU086NIA 15-AU087NIA 15-AU090TX 15- AU091NR 15-AU095ND 15-AU095TX
15-AU096TX 15-AU097TX 15-AU099TX 15-AU103NG 15-AU105NG 15-AU106NG 15-AU107NG
15-AU108NG 15-AU109NG 15-AU111NG 15-AU113NG 15-AU114TX 15-AU116NL 15-AU123CL
15-AU134TX 15-AU136NG 15-AU136TX 15-AU137NG 15-AU137TX 15-AU144TX 15-AU145NG
15-AU145TX 15-AU146NG 15-AU146TX 15-AU147TX 15-AU148TX 15-AU149TX 15-AU150TX
15-AU151TX 15-AU153TX 15-AU154TX 15-AU155TX 15-AU156TX 15-AU157TX 15-AU158NR
15-AU158TX 15-AU159NR 15-AU160TX 15-AU163TX 15-AU164TX 15-AU165TX 15-AU171TX
15-AU178TX 15-AU502TX 15-AU620TX 15-AU624TX 15-AU626TX 15-AU628TX

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