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Battery for Toshiba U940 S950 L900 L950 L955 S955 U900

6 Months Warranty

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  • Toshiba Satellite L900, Satellite L950, Satellite L950-014, Satellite L950D, Satellite L950D-00L, Satellite L950D-00M, Satellite L950D-100, Satellite L955-S5142NR, Satellite 
    L955-S5152, Satellite L955-S5330, Satellite L955-S5360, Satellite L955-S5362, Satellite L955-S5370, Satellite L955-S5370N, Satellite L955-SP5301WL, Satellite L955D, Satellite 
    L955D-10F, Satellite L955D-S5140NR, Satellite L955D-S5142NR, Satellite L955D-S5364
    Toshiba Satellite S900, Satellite S950, Satellite S950D, Satellite S955, Satellite S955-DS5374, Satellite S955-S5166, Satellite S955-S5373, Satellite S955-S5376, Satellite 
    S955D, Satellite S955D-S5150, Satellite S955D-S5374
    Toshiba Satellite U800, Satellite U845, Satellite U845-S402, Satellite U845-S404, Satellite U845-S406, Satellite U900, Satellite U900-T01S, Satellite U900-T02S, Satellite U900-
    T09S, Satellite U900-T10S, Satellite U900-T12S, Satellite U940-101, Satellite U940-10C, Satellite U940, Satellite U940-00R, Satellite U940-00S, Satellite U940-01H, Satellite 
    U940-01K, Satellite U940-01R, Satellite U940-025, Satellite U940-100, Satellite U940-102, Satellite U940-103, Satellite U940-104, Satellite U940-108, Satellite U940-10F, 
    Satellite U940-10M, Satellite U940-10N, Satellite U940-10P, Satellite U940-10U, Satellite U940-112, Satellite U940-117, Satellite U940-11F, Satellite U940-11N, Satellite U940-
    11U, Satellite U940-SP4301GL, Satellite U940-SP4362SM, Satellite U945, Satellite U945-S4110, Satellite U945-S4130, Satellite U945-S4140, Satellite U945-S4380, Satellite U945-
    S4390, Satellite U945-ST4N02, Satellite U945D, Satellite U955

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