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for Asus X501A-TH31, Asus X501A-WH01, Asus X501A-XX006V, Asus X501A-XX010V, Asus X501A-XX012V

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Compatible to devices:

Asus R751LA Asus R751LB Asus R751LN Asus X501 Asus X501A Asus X501U Asus X501EI Asus X501XE Asus X501XI Asus X502 Asus X502C Asus X502CA Asus X550 Asus X550BA Asus X550BP Asus X550CA Asus X550CC Asus X550CL Asus X550DP Asus X550EA Asus X550EP Asus X550JD Asus X550JK Asus X550LA Asus X550LB Asus X550LC Asus X550LD Asus X550LN Asus X550MD Asus X550VB Asus X550VC Asus X550VL Asus X550WA Asus X550WAK Asus X550WE Asus X550WEK Asus X550ZA Asus X550ZE Asus X552CL Asus X552EA

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