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GM 600G Platinum

GameMax Semi-Modular Series is a semi-Modular PSU with a compact and quiet engineering, with semi-modular cables for easy maintenance, allowing you to only connect cables that your system needs. Fewer cables allows it to be tidy and better airflow inside your case. High 80 Plus Platinum efficiency, reduced ripple and electrical instabilities and better efficiency and protection gives the user durability and total confidence in your next system build. 100% 6th Generation Skylake Ready!

  • PSU Type: ATX
  • Cabling: Semi-Modular
  • Efficiency: 92+ Platinum

1 Year Warranty

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AC Input100-240VAC  10-5A  60-50Hz
Output Voltage3.3V5V+12V1+12V2-12V5Vsb
Min. Output Current0.5A0.5A0.5A0.5A0A0.1A
Max. Output Current20A20A24A24A0.5A2.5A
Max. Combined Wattage100W550W6W12.5W
Total Continuous Wattage600W
Output VoltageMINNominalMAXUnitsRange
GM-600G Efficiency
ParameterRipple + NoiseUnits

7.1         Over Voltage Protection

The +5V/+12V/+3.3V DC output are protected against the over voltage condition. Maximum value can’t be over 6.5V at 5V terminal and 15.5V at

12V, 4.3V at 3.3V.

7.2         Over Power Protection

The power supply will be shutdown and latch off when output power is


7.3         Under voltage protection

In an under voltage fault occurs, the supply will latch all DC outputs into a shutdown state when +12V,+5V & +3.3V outputs under 60% of it’s maximum value.

7.4         Short Circuit Protection

Short circuit placed on +5V,+12V,+3.3V,-12V will latch off. +5VSB will auto-recovery.

7.5          Over-Current Protection

Current protection should be designed to limit the current to operate within safe operating conditions.



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